>A happy child means a happy Mom! The question is how do you keep a child happy? 

I’ve read this really great book, The Happy Child Guide, and it has helped me make my daughter listen and stop misbehaving. 

The Happy Child Guide is a parenting program product authored by parenting coach Ashley Ryan and her husband Dr. Blaise Ryan. The program promises to change your child’s misbehavior within 21 days. 

The authors are parents of a little boy. They decided to share the program that they are applying with their child. Their child is a well-behaved, happy and smart kid. They claimed that this resulted to the proven techniques they discussed in The Happy Child Guide.  

The Happy Child Guide goal is to provide parents the new parenting ways on how to deal with misbehaving children especially if the child misbehaves often. The program provides alternatives from t he old parenting ways that were deemed ineffective particularly in dealing with defiance and misbehavior.

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