Now remember not to push your child to learn and memorize everything. You do not want to tire her easily and make sure you get her attention when you feel like she’s wandering. 

First I suggest that you categorize the alphabet and the numbers to: ALWAYS RECOGNIZED (letters and numbers she can identify without batting her lashes), OFTEN RECOGNIZED (letters and numbers she identify after a pause), RARELY RECOGNIZED (letters and numbers she can’t recognize sometimes but recognizes on other times), NEVER RECOGNIZED (self explanatory, yes?). 
From here you can think of ways how to teach the letters starting with the NEVER to ALWAYS RECOGNIZED category. Make it as playful and as creative as you can. I have few on mind that I want to try: 

1. Play with magnetic letters and ask her to get letters for me. What seems to work is associating the letter to a name that she’s familiar with. Like R for Mommy’s name and T for Daddy’s name. 

2. Shopkeeper game- use alphabet flashcards as her goods and buy them from her! She loves playing “shopping” so this might work. 

3. Letter of the Week- Work on one letter a week and give her prizes if she hands an item with the letter of the week printed on it! 

4. Read stories and ask her to point out letters! 

5. Slice and eat fruits that are associated with the letter. 

I know you can think of more so please do share them here!