>One of the exciting things to teach a toddler is how to write her name. You know she’s ready if she is familiar with the alphabet.


Grade school Paper

The goal of this exercise  is to allow the kid to trace her name. 


1. Use the highlighter and write her name on the paper several times

2. At first, hold your toddler’s hand and guide her through the letters

3. Then allow her to trace the letters by herself.

A little cheer every after finishing a name will do good too! And be sure to prepare a treat when she finishes the entire exercise.

Here’s Peaches’ photos while doing her task:

If it’s your first time to do this with your toddler, you might want to stop if the toddler feels like it. 🙂
The key here is NEVER FORCE your toddler.

Happy writing, Moms!