>My head’s aching after researching on my Presidential bets. I am torn between Villar and Gibo. The experienced versus the young. I ask myself, is Gibo ready to lead our nation and bring us up again? Yes he is intelligent but so was PGMA. And that’s what makes me doubt his skills. See, I do not believe that just because you are from a prestigious University you are all high and mighty. It takes more than intelligence to rule a dying country.

Villar has been in government since forever. He knows the ins and the outs of the government and more than his skills he has the experience to boast. Villar managed to provide well for his family and thus earned enough to spend millions for his campaigns. But do you think he’s the only candidate spending outrageous amount for campaign buys? Think again. Some candidates allocate campaign money to “other” areas and in reality, spending the same amount as that of Villar. The difference is, Villar spends his own money. He is not beholden to any rich family in our country and if he wins, he can go after the big wicks–hell, he can go after Meralco! It’s not enough to vote for the competent candidate. We need more than competence. Look what happened when people chose to vote Gloria. She was competent wasn’t she? Look.Look! I believe that Villar has a great track record with service, skill and excellence as foundation.

About the issues being thrown at Villar, let me point out that there is no “clean” candidate. Even the most inexperienced candidate, Gibo, has dirt. I can’t stop thinking about how Gibo spewed excuses about the events that happened during Ondoy. And worse, the Ampatuan Massacre happened under his nose.
(Hey wait, I am not bashing Gibo or anyone else. I’m just trying to make a point.) Going back to Villar issues, some cases merit a point but most are baseless. And let’s not forget that these things come out on perfect timing,eh?

In my honest opinion, I believe that Villar can raise money for us and for himself. Let’s not be hypocrites here, we all know that at some point all of these candidates will become corrupt. Well, I believe that Villar has the ability to do what he says he would to lead our nation and still earn from it. He’s a shrewed businessman  and this could work for everyone. A win-win situation if you may call it that.

Most of all, Villar is well loved and well respected by his wife and his children. For me that says a lot about a man who I would put in charge of a whole nation. He is also God-fearing.

I’m not saying Villar is perfect. I’m just saying amongst his rivals he passed my qualifications for President.
Gibo, I will vote maybe after 3 more Presidential elections. He should do more and prove more.

After all, one cannot be a leader after election day.

Lastly, I respect everyone’s opinion so I hope you respect mine. I am so tired of reading bashful posts of one supporter to another. It’s pointless. What you can do is, campaign for your candidate and vote for him come election day. (thanks, Mr. Carlo Ople for a nice input)