>Let’s name her C. She made her family believe she didn’t have a boyfriend and that she was a goody-goody but as you might have guessed, she’s not. She had her boyfriend and flings as early as elementary days but nothing serious until her college days. He was her first serious boyfriend and they were a couple for almost 2 years with an on-off relationship. I’ve known all this from the start but I kept quiet. I couldn’t betray her trust since I was the only one she can talk. I’ve seen her smoke cigarettes and go wild at parties but would always come home clean and scent-free. There came a time when the guy dumped her for a much younger girl. C of course, cried a bucket and begged me to host a party at my place inviting some of her friends. Well of course I granted her wish. She coerced me to tell her mom she’s sleeping over at my house (her mom trusts me 100%). The party turns out to be a trap for the guy. She invited the guy so we (read: T who was still my bf then, me and her friends) can convince the guy to leave the younger girl and patch things up with her.

They all got drunk (I rarely get drunk) and they asked to sleep over at my place for it was late and they could not possibly drive home. So, I let them sleep on the sofa and on the vacant room of the apartment. I think you know then what happened. I don’t need to spell it out.

After that I heard they got back and I never got a call from C again for a long time. Up until one day, she called me and told me the guy ditched her again and wanted a little help. We tried calling the guy but he was nowhere to be found.

At this point, it was clear how obsessed C to this guy but her family remained clueless about it.

Then something happened.

That made me keep a secret.