Throwing up…(oh people..Am not pregnant!)
In fact, the redflag is up on its 3rd day! :))

So again…I feel like throwing up.
I am nauseated perhaps by the weather???
It was so humid early on today, but then on the afternoon
it rained a bit and the weather was suddenly cool.
This episode is different from my migraine spells.

Perhaps hypoglycemia?
I don’t eat in between meals because
T and I are on a diet! (teeeheee)
My body is not used to this “diet’ thingy and maybe
that’s why I have hypoglycemia. (low blood sugar)

Perhaps stress?
Lately, I’ve been really thinking about some things
and you know how people get clammy when they’re
nervous? Maybe I’m like that now.

Perhaps post partum BINAT?
Come to think of it, 4 months is still
an early stage of recovery from a
Ceasarian Operation but I’ve stretch my
body’s capacity to its limit already.
I’ve been to places post CS patients shouldn’t have. (lol)

You’re thinking….Why get so freaked out by nausea?
Well, I am because I think my immune system and my entire
body system had gone bonkers after I gave birth.
I ought to take that vitamins but I’m too stubborn. (teehee)
Maybe it’s a sign.