The UA&P students had a contest on their blog, I Share Happiness. Too bad I lost…I was on that blog everyday oftentimes the whole day…..Though the blog itself is very interesting and interactive so the Ipod Touch was just a plus…Now that the winner has been chosen, I feel kinda sad. >.< Yeah so you're thinking, "if I want it so bad, why not buy one?" the answer….I'm frugal! LOL. I'd rather have it as a freebie or as a GIFT (*winkwink*) than spend good moolah over it. Anyway it's LUHO for me….I'd buy Peachypoop's stuff instead or better yet save up for that trip we are having on May…uhmmm yeah that'll be better…

———————– =_= ————————

Speaking of Peachypoop’s stuff…Granny bought her a swing toy! She loves it so much and it’s really convenient for me and T since we don’t have helper around, we can leave Peaches on the swing NEAR us while we work on something. Also I can prop her on the swing and do my usual PC addiction. We can also play with her on the swing. And best of all we can let her sit on it while Granny, Grampy, Grangran and Lolo Atong are viewing her on the webcam! So, if you’re a SAHM this toy’s great for you and your baby.