I always keep tab on our monthly budget so that I can easily track which things I need to cut back to save money. As I blog hop around other Mommy blogs, I envy Moms from the US because of the discounts they often get. They have coupons which are sent on mails, and the printable ones that are available in the Internet. I’ve actually saved some and asked my parents to make us of it instead. There are also free samplers that will be delivered right at your doorstep.
Have you seen blogs that show how much they saved from coupons? It’s pretty amazing!

I wonder why we don’t have coupons in the Philippines? The only discount we get is when the supermarket or the malls offer 10-70% discount during Sales. The closest we can get is the SM Advantage Card which allows you to earn points from the total amount you paid. The points are good as cash. But it will take a while before you can even earn P100! (For every P200 purchase you get 1 point) On second thought, SM Advantage card is completely different…

When will supermarkets think of coupons? It will surely help a lot of families and I think the supermarket will also benefit from this since it will attract more customers.

I can only dream of saving from coupons….