As a noob blogger, I didn’t know that contest like this happens on a BLOG. Truly they share happiness! =_=

For so long I wanted to have an IPOD but I always hold myself on buying one because I’d rather use the money on my baby’s needs. Besides, I could do away without one. But things like this BLOGGERS offer is a chance for people like me who have limits on their pockets…lol. (Isn’t it a nice way of saying I can’t afford one?lol)

Now that I have a chance(though how little it is) I allow myself to imagine things I could do with it.

* sing songs with Peachypoop– I mean real songs because most of the time I change the songs lyrics! but with an IPOD I can follow the song =_=

* share baby einstein music with Peachypoop until we both fall asleep

* listen to lectures while nursing Peachypoop (i’ll be taking the nursing board exam soon)

that would be so neat.

Because the BLOG is about sharing happiness…I too would like to share it with you.Perhaps you could join too and have the chance to win the IPOD too. =_=

Starlight starbright first star I see tonight! I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight!

I made my wish Peaches!