I’m a fan of DQ’s blizzards (Caramel Nut) and every time we buy one, T is always eyeing the ice cream cake displayed on their fridge but it was too expensive for ordinary days so we reserve it for special occasions. Yesterday, we totally forgot about it until my FIL and MIL brought it for me. It was delish. The one they got was the Balck Forest Ice Cream Cake, it doesn’t taste like black forest though. It has Vanilla, caramel fillings, chocolate tidbits and chocolate icream as its layers and the outside is adorened with not so sweet icings, cherries, chocolates and chocolate shavings.
The one thing I hated about it was you have to consume it ASAP because it easily melts- AS IN it melts within in 5-8 minutes (to think we were in an airconditioned room).

All in all, I’d still reccommend you to go and try it yourself.