>T: Gusto ko nang Ice cream!

Me: Ako din..kahapon pa nga eh.

T: Ngeeee, ako din eh! Bili ako!

Me: Double dutch ha!

I loooove ice cream….specially this season. The weather’s so humid. Ice cream makes the weather bearable. I prefer spending over ice cream (of good taste and quality) than an over priced coffee. Why? some people hang out on “posh” coffee shops to be “in”, to be coñotic when I can be coñotic on my own home. I can brew my own coffee with my ol’ coffee maker. Orrrrrrr enjoy my 3-in-1 coffee at home. Wherein I can’t afford to buy an ice cream machine!!! (do you follow me?)

ok ok ok… There are things that happen to me after eating ice cream…

1. My headache goes away.
2. My dysmenorrhea goeas away.
3. Cools me. Literally.
4. Makes me smile.
5. Makes me think of postive things!
6 Uplifts my spirit.

What’s your fave ice cream? Here’s mine:

Selecta Double Dutch/ Very Rocky Road
–Yummy marshmallows and peanuts!
have you seen their (Selecta) new packaging? It’s nice.
Plus the marshmallows are bigger! Yipeee!

Haagen Dazs Pralines and Creams (also known as Creme Caramel Pecan in US)
— Delish!!! I looooveee all of them! that’s one of the best ice cream in the market for you!
What more can I say? There expensive yet truly finest and best.

Durian Ice cream
— don’t be put off by the smell of Durian fruit. I love it! i eat everything Duriany! There was this nice place from Polomolok, South Cotabato called Durian Garden, the ice cream’s HEAVEN! Also they serve Durian pie that’s made of PURE DURIAN FRUIT no flour added, no preservatives. Yum! A must try when you’re around General Santos. No need to go to Davao for the best Durian treats!

Dippin’ dots
— they use super-cold freezing methods to make little beads of ice cream.
My pretty cousin Chiqui can’t leave Manila without eating one.
P120 for the biggest serving is not bad. Although sometime’s it’s “bitin” for me…LOL.

Dirty Ice cream
— When I was still in college, Mang Mody was my “suki”. Every 4PM he would stop by our street. I remember him because I used to chat with him for hours outside our house and eating like 10 cones of ice cream! LOL. There were times when I was out, my Yaya would buy the ice cream for me then I’ll eat it for dinner..lol. hay..kakamiss.

My cousins from Marbel, Ate Apette and Chiqui, introduced me to Ogie’s. It’s a pretty small place outside Marbel selling home made ice cream. Delish!

So when on a date or even on friends meet ups, why not consider eating ice cream instead of drowning yourself with over priced coffee? (did I mention you can all have it in your homes)
Oh well, that’s just me. Ice creaaaammmmmmmmmm???