When the family is out, I make sure I’m alert and on patrol. I can never be at ease when I’m out with my 3-year old because you wouldn’t know when things may get wrong. Accidents do happen but you can do something to prevent it or at least make an effort to lessen the likelihood of it happening. And come on, this?

If we’re home I can loosen a bit because I know where the danger zones are and I can easily control the events (plus did I mention our house is teeny weeny?). But when we’re somewhere else, I make sure I’m (or her Dad) within safe distance whenever my daughter takes a step.
I don’t even trust my young BIL (or SIL for that matter) to safely care for her because I do believe he’s still too young to have a fatherly instinct.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had  mishaps and accidents with Peaches when she was younger but I learned from each mistakes and I can safely say I’ve had less accidents since then.

How about you how do you keep your kids safe when in public?

Another good post is about using a leash. Watch out for that.