I wish I could say I am serene. I wish I could say I am well.
The days are passing like a blur.
I wake up in the morning, staring on my desk calendar
shocked. Where have all the days gone?
What did I do on all those times?
I lost so much time yet I had more things to do
in my hand than I should have.

Sometimes my days are too monotonous that
I couldn’t tell which was yesterday and today.
Did you ever get that feeling?
‘Think not. I’m the weirdest among the weird persons in the planet.
At least it feels like it.
This has to stop.
I keep telling myself.
But then circumstance is my worst enemy.
Luck is avoiding me.

I’m all that. And so much more.
There’s so much inside me that even I myself
couldn’t handle anymore.
I could burst any moment.
I’m so full of everything.
Yet I do almost nothing.

Maybe I’m one of those Vampires I read on
Anna’s book. Heh! More of a Zombie I think.
I wish I could do all those things I should be doing.
But I couldn’t. READ: COULDN’T.
Maybe it’s not the right moment.
Well, not the right moment for EVERYTHING?
grrrrrrrrrrrrr…this is hard.

Oh well, at least on weekends (or some of my weekends)
are well spent. With my in-laws and all.
I hope God hears my prayers soon.
And I hope He does the same to yours.