Ever since I’ve been the tomboyish type of girl that you wouldn’t catch wearing a skirt or much more a dress. I am a jeans-shirt and short-shirt kinda girl. But change is good and I accept the fact that I may actually look good on some dresses because more than a few times I was forced to wear one. Plus the books that one of the Yoy Girls (Tingting) lend me were fashiony kind of books…ehem…Gossip Girl…So there I realized half of the designers mentioned on the book I don’t recognize and almost all of the outfits described, I had to google it first to actually see how it is…I can never picture it out by myself. Whoever Jimmy Choo was..or Oscar dela Renta (I just know he was also mentioned at Sex in the City), or Bailey Winter, etc etc etc…
ANNNNDDDD whatever a frock looks like? Sure I know espadrilles (duh) but those other hard-to-pronounce outfits I do not know…hehehehe…

This just made me realize I should be at least in tuned with fashion. Specially now that I’m a young mom…I mean, I wouldn’t want P to have a fashion victim for a Mom, right?
Oh well so much for reading the entire GG series….This is definitely GG ghost!!! Even on my dreams it haunts me.lol.

Well one day I might wear one of those parkas, trench coat and fur covered boots!!!

Be good always,