>I never wanted to become a hero but a Mom yes. I am NO supermom because if I am I’ll never feel tired and bothered and lonely. Can I for once talk about me? It’s my blog so might as well.

I juggle work, housewife duties, and mothering 24/7. I don’t get to rest even on Sundays when our nanny gets hers. I said goodbye to good night sleep a long time ago and never did I complain until today.

Everything I did seems to have gone to waste for one single bad moment– I snapped. I was too tired, too sleepy, I snapped and I got looked down as a  monster Mom. Well thinking about it, they seem to look at me as the bad cop ALL the time  because I discipline my child more than my husband do. (Keep in mind that I am with my child all day everyday) (for the record, I don’t physically hurt my child I just make my voice stern but today was different, I yelled—it was a crime, eh?)

What is the worse feeling you can give a Mom than making her feel like she’s not needed anymore? Is it natural that Dads love their children more than his wife?

I feel like I’m just here, expected to fulfill my duties as a wife and as a Mom. I was never appreciated. I was never acknowledged with the good manners my child shows. I was never congratulated when my daughter started learning songs and when she knew all the colors and the animals. They forgot one person who took time sitting down on the floor getting dirty and teaching all those stuff to their cute little baby.
They forget that me too needs to breathe and be human and be cranky and be myself.

One bad waking moment and I’m a villain, far from the SuperMoms out there. I truly envy you.