>My bestfriend is always online and because of my line of work, I am too. We always have our usual chat and banter—at times it’s refreshing but most of the time he gets into my nerves.
Just recently he was raving about Mafia wars and Pet Society. I didn’t know Mafia wars but I’ve heard of Pet Society because plurker friends are always talking about it.
I said I didn’t have FB and that I don’t plan to have one. He said, “You’re really getting old. You’re outdated, Bes!” “What a loser”.

What?! Well, excuse me when I’m too busy with my job and my Mommy/Wifey duties that I hardly open my friendster and multiply account. There is absolutely no reason to open an FB account. Besides these Social Networks are becoming haven for identity theft and creepy stalkers. Plus we only open these things when we want to BOAST on something and want the whole world to know about it. RIGHT?!

Well, I keep my friendster account to keep my family (in the province) updated on Peaches’ development. Occasional hi-hellos with friends and that’s it. You know what I hate, when I meet a friend and talk about what we were doing and they would say, “Yeah, I know about that from friendster”. What’s left to talk about then?

Arghhh. Why am I even ranting about these?lol. My bestfriend must be right…I’m getting old.