Boy, don’t I know it!

I’m constantly reminded everytime I look in the mirror. I’m reminded everytime I pick my daughter up. I’m reminded everytime I sit on the floor for too long playing  games with the cats or Peaches or all 3 of them. I am definitely reminded.


So much has changed over the years and I’m not talking about my appearance. I’m talking about me, in general. I think I’ve become wiser and responsible, committed and organized, patient and graceful, driven yet fun. I have learned so much too and still the desire to learn more burns my insides. I have this insatiable desire to read more, learn more and improve more.

With my job for the past 4-5 years entails me to be online most of the time so I took comfort with people I found online. I got friends from social network sites who are now a major part of my life- and my family’s. I felt inspired by fellow Mom bloggers here and abroad. I listened to numerous videos and podcast about life, serenity and happiness.

I’ve met and dealt with both the most difficult people I’ve ever encounter (yet) and the most giving and kind hearted people. I’ve drawn inspiration from the experiences I had while working online. I built my own set of skills by learning, failing, getting up, getting hurt and moving on.


Above all these, I learned to know myself more. I learned to understand things that I never thought I would come to terms with.

I discovered little and big things that make me smile. I felt empowered by the achievements I made and the progress I desire so much.

My biggest discovery I think, is learning to accept and keeping faith. I’ve accepted that there are people who exist to suck all the positive energy there is. Best you can do, is stay away and keep faith that your energy is strong enough to withstand such negativity.

I’ve accepted that people you care for might not care for you the same way you do for them. I’ve accepted that people change and everyone deserves a second chance. I’ve accepted that we…ourselves…can take control of the outcome- maybe it be a small project, a big project or your life in general.

I’m so looking forward to the years ahead. I may be 30 but there’s so much I can do for the next 50 or so years 🙂

World, watch out for me!

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