My husband and I work along side each other everyday and we often get too busy with work that we rely on our care taker to look after our child. I know it’s not my ideal scenario but for really hectic days, I just resign to the fact that we do need help and we do need our care taker to “replace” our “presence”. This is the reason why we strictly keep our weekends, Sunday especially, no-work days. It’s because we value our family so much and it is our core reason why we both are working so hard each day.

Today, I got a simple question: What do you do on the weekends?

It made me realize that what we do on weekends are not only important for ourselves but for people around us. We need to stop from the monotonous routine of our work and play with the people we don’t see very often.

So what do we do on weekends?

My daughter usually sleeps over at her grandparents’ house on Friday nights but she’s back on Saturdays and we do various activities such as arts and crafts, swimming or simply “chilling’ on the sofa watching her favorite cartoon. We do eat out a lot too (hello, monthly expenses!) but it’s my family’s only vice that I can’t scrimp on. My daughter’s been exposed to a lot of dishes through our travels and our simple family dine out and I think it has helped her become a well rounded eater. She’s never a picky eater but she does have her own preferences now.

Last Saturday night while waiting for my in-laws, the three of us went to a nearby coffee shop since I was craving for some cold coffee. Peaches had her honey sticks fill and the guava juice which I totally dislike- I don’t understand why she likes it so much! Anyway, we were having our usual funny selves when Peaches wanted to have her “musings” recorded.

Here goes..


By coffee maker, she meant coffee shop! LOL.

This isn’t scripted at all, she¬†spontaneously spilled the lines and I was surprised by “SEE YOU ON THE NEXT VIDEO” . lol.

Let’s see if there’s a next one, indeed.