Let’s not keep our kids brooding inside our homes just because Mr. Sun is hiding. Engage your kids to participate on fun active plays even when staying indoors.

Here are some fun indoor games you can play with your kids during rainy season which I got from Johnson & Johnsons:


The Straw Game – Children love to come up with their own games. The Straw Game, inspired by an entry of a mom  Johnson’s Baby Facebook page for the “365 Days of Play” project, is one example. The children will have to connect one straw to another until they form a long line consisting of 10 straws. Whoever completes this first is the winner.


Just Like Mommy – Ever notice how children enjoy imitating their parents? Inspired by another entry of a mom in “365 Days of Play,” Just Like Mommy is a role playing game, where children “shop” around the house, mimicking their mom doing the groceries.


Indoor Bowling – Children can be very creative when it comes to their games. While stuck indoors, children can still come up with their own toys using materials found at home. In Indoor Bowling, children can get empty water bottles, arrange them properly, and use a small ball to hit the “pins.”


Treasure Hunt – Children are curious beings. They love finding hidden objects under the bed, inside the closet, etc. What if parents turn this into a game? In Treasure Hunt, parents can hide some objects, put clues around the house and reward them with a prize when they find the hidden objects.


Hide and Seek – No list of classic indoor games would be complete without Hide and Seek. The “it” counts from 1 to 10 (or more) while the others run around and hide. The first person the “it” finds trades roles with him. To make this more interesting, why not have a group of “its”?