>After a year of being blessed as  parents, hubbie and I talked about the ironies of our journey as parents. 

1. When all that Peaches did was sleep, eat and poop I wished she’d grow up some more and do more. Now that she’s  doing a lot MORE, I wish she’d stay still for 5 minutes.

2. When she slept all day and wouldn’t wake up even people around her were noisy, I wonder if my child was deaf and wished she’d wake up. Now when she rarely takes her afternoon nap and will wake up on even the slightest noise, I wish she’d sleep an hour or two.

3. Before, she used to cry and I’d have a hard time figuring her  needs I wished she’d point and talk. Now that she’s pointing and babbling and couldn’t stop pointing at things that she want, I wish she’d stop wanting EVERYTHING. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m happy being a mom. I’m still happy when my daughter cries because she wants me to give her a bath instead of her nanny. She whines because she still wants me to put her to sleep instead of her nanny and I pray it’ll always be that way. It’s tiring but it’s part of the job. 
We have issues but we are learning and coping. There’s no perfect parents but we’re hoping to be close to being one.