>Is it true?


That men cheat on their wives because they fail to provide their husband’s need? Whatever that is.

I’m sorry but I am outraged by these kind of husbands. Maybe they forgot that they left their wives to take care of their children, the house, the pet(s), plus his daily needs. How can anyone expect the wife to function well when given too much on her plate? Lucky are those wives who have helpers and thus they still have time to prettify for their husbands. But how about those working and stay at home moms? (err..like me) Most of us are too bent on our daily activities that we don’t have time for “extra” activities.

Maybe if husbands, pick up their own mess, wash their own plates, hush the baby when crying, and give their wives time to breathe, then maybe they *the wives* would have more time to think and actually live her own life.

The key, I think is proper communication. If you want something, then ask. If you need something, speak. We may have women’s intuition but sometimes we are too over worked that it sometimes fail.

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  1. desperateblogger says:

    >ang sabi nila mas masarap daw mag mahal anh querida kasi asikaso sila. aba e natrual! kaya nga querida eh. bayaan mong maging "wife and mother" si querida, hindi na yang magiging maasikaso sa dami ng gawain sa bahay.

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