Or is he trendy enough? Mine isn’t. He wears anything he grabs from the closet most of the time. But for very rare instances he would call me and ask me if his “attire” looks good.
There was this time when he had to pick me up from a conference in a posh hotel wearing super old t-shirt, jeans and flip flops with a grin pasted on his face as if nothing’s wrong with his clothes. Goodthing the hotel doorman allowed him into the lobby.

So I make sure when we go out for dinners and parties I make sure to pick his clothes for him. He says he likes it when I do that for him. SeƱorito?! lol. But from time to time I allow him to choose his own style just so he could still enjoy his errrr unstylish fasyon.

How about your man? Does he know how to wear his clothes?