>It hurts!! you know!

>I have an infection on one of my toenails!!!! Don’t know where I got it but it hurts like hell. And all stages of inflammation is present…

Inflammation is a response of a tissue to injury, often injury caused by invading parasites. It is characterized by

  • increased blood flow to the tissue causing
  • increased temperature,
  • redness,
  • swelling, and
  • pain—- I got it alright!!!

I wish I could post a pic but you might lose your appetite…

Hubbie’s been so nice cleaning the wound for me and waking every wee hours to make me take my medicines. I feel awful because I can’t carry Peaches for too long. My foot won’t hold me up, and it hurts…hayyy…Goodthing T’s, really patient and don’t mind the kadirs dirs na paa…lol.

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