Last July 27, 2011 Johnson’s family introduced their newest endorser and she’s none other than the young super star and celebrity Mom, Judy Ann Santos- Agoncillo (with her two children- Yohan and Lucho). She was very jolly and excited while talking about the product that she has been using even before the offer to endorse it came. She shared stories on how they bond as a family and what their special moments are.

The Agoncillo Family

Judy Ann attests to how Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath is now 100% MORE milk, more protein and more skin moisturizer. She says her entire family uses it since most of them have sensitive skin and Johnson’s Baby Milk does not give them any allergies. When asked about what she liked most about the product, Judy Ann quips, “It’s 100% hypoallergenic and it leaves your skin smooth and smelling nice after taking a bath”.

Mommy bloggers like myself were also present during the launch and we were all starstruck by Judy Ann who was really all game in answering Mommy questions thrown at her.

How about you, have you tried Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath? What was your experience?