Peaches and I were invited at Johnson & Johnson’s Presko Play last Sunday. The event is about encouraging kids to explore the outdoors and play with their friends. I am totally all for thier advocacy. I want my daughter to play outdoors and go home all sweaty and smelly. It’s the fun childhood I remember. Not the trend that my daughter grew accustomed of which is to stay inside the house and watch TV or play with her yaya. I believe that the child maximizes her potential when exposed outdoors.

Peaches with Ykaie and Yz, her new found friends

the kids just couldn’t stop playing

There was a booth that offers different kinds of outdoor games for the kids. Peaches was too happy with the bouncy ball 🙂

and the hula hoop! 

The kids were given Johnson & Johnson’s powder and cologne to keep them fresh while playing.

Selecta Moo

 Thanks to Johnson & Johnson, we have a happy and fresh kid!

Johnson & Johnson will be going around the country to spread their advocacy so watch out for their announcements on their Facebook Fanpage