My youngest daughter had her 3rd birthday party in Jollibee last June 10th and it’s actually her 2nd Jollibee party because we had her 1st birthday at a different branch.

We were planning of going out of town for her birthday but the little one insisted on having a Jollibee party instead. So there’s really ¬†nothing we can do but hope for a short notice reservation in Jollibee Mambugan branch.

We chose this branch because it’s near our place and accessible to our guests as well plus it’s fairly new so the area is still clean, smells nice, the party venue is upstairs so our guests does not see other Jollibee diners. I learned this from the first party we had which was at Shangri-la Jollibee branch. It was a bit chaotic because we can hear the noise from outside (kitchen, diners and crew).

Anyway, so here’s how you do a Jollibee party reservation online:

  1. Choose your branch, party details via Jollibee party online reservation. Click this link here.
  2. You can pay for the reservation fee or pay for the full amount online via credit card or debit card.
  3. You will receive an email as confirmation of your reservation and you will be asked to visit the branch within 3 days to discuss the party with your party manager.
  4. So, proceed to the branch and plan with your party manager any details that you want to include in your party or any additional that you want to have.
  5. Sign the contract and always keep tract of the names of the people (party manager) that you spoke with and signed with.

TIPS before the party:

  1. Visit the branch and see if the party venue is in good condition and can really accommodate your guests.
  2. Opt for venues that are located in the second floor or far from the diners and the kitchen or order counter. Their noise can be very annoying to your guests.
  3. Know the name of your party manager and her contact number so you can call her anytime you need to.

TIPS during the party:

  1. Have someone assigned to count the number of set meals that were served and not served.
  2. Speak with the party host and convey your wants and your no-nos. I specifically asked hosts (we had 2-3), not to call me or my husband for any message or whatever… just keep the party going and don’t make us come up there except for the candle blowing. I HATE photo opps as well as my husband. WE DO NOT DO THAT. Unfortunately, our hosts failed to follow my instructions and I HAD TO BE COAXED BY THE MASCOTS TO HAVE PHOTO OPPS. My husband, exited soon as he saw they were asking for us. REALLY IRKED.

Our experience:

My daughter had the grandest time because she really loves Jollibee, the mascot. And I paid 4,500 pesos extra for 2 more mascots, Twirlie and Hetti, to liven the party. I even paid an extra hour to extend the party time just for my little girl to have more time with Jollibee. These are the things that you can do with a Jollibee party but there are others that you can’t do like setting up a candy buffet, more food choices, etc. No outside magician and clowns too.

So if not for our hosts and mascots not following my SPECIFIC instruction, it would have been a 5 star for me.

How much did I spend for the Jollibee party? 

I reserved 40 adults meals and 30 kiddie meals with toys. I paid extra for an hour time extension and 2 extra mascots. In total, I paid P22,000 plus 500 tip for the hosts.