I was recently invited to be a witness in Jolly Cow Fresh Milk’s campaign to educate young kids from Angelicum College of Quezon City about the importance of drinking milk everyday in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

The event started well with kids being asked what they want to be when they grow up. And hands shot right up eager to stand and say what they want to be and why. It was really nice seeing the kids so driven to say what their dreams are and it’s easy to tell who their biggest role models are like when they say, “I want to be a doctor like my Mommy” or “I want to be a teacher”.


The one of the surprise for the Angelicum students was Wanlu and his puppets. He taught the kids (and us, Mommies!) the different types of puppets and later explained how he became a successful puppeteer or ventriloquist. The kids were so happy watching and learning from Tito Wanlu and his soft puppet, hard puppet, marionette, and human puppet (he got some teachers to do it for him).

wanlu-jolly-cow-event wanlu-pupeteer wanlu-ventriloquist

While talking about his road to being a puppeteer, Tito Wanlu taught the kids how to create their own puppets and how to make them talk. It was really cool. I didn’t know that you have to “open” your hands when you want your puppet to talk and not close it- like most of us do when we gesture someone being too chatty.



I found myself nodding with affirmation with every important points gently stressed to the kids like:

Drinking fresh milk will prevent Calcium deficiency which can have bad effects on kids such as shorter height than normal kids of the same age, frail and weak body (I think better term is lampa), predominance of tooth decay at an early age, and matamlay.

Plus as we all know, fresh milk helps our kids cope with growth spurts which I think my daughter will soon experience that is why I am really instilling the importance of milk to her.

At the event, the Jolly Cow mascot also surprised the kids  and the gymnasium was in pandemonium when the mascot appeared.


In the end, the kids were given this cute bottle which has their picture wearing the uniform of their “dreams” printed in front. It was really really cute and so nice of the Jolly Cow team to have thought about it.

personalized-water-bottle-for-kids water-bottle-for-kids water-bottle-jolly-cow

I think the kids get inspired by simple gestures as the picture in the bottle to know that their dreams are valued also valued by the people around them and that they are always present to help them get to the path that will lead them to their success.


Cheers to Jolly Cow Fresh Milk for their campaign in inspiring kids to discover their dreams and pursue it.