Judy Ann Santos is probably one of the best actress of our time. She’s proven her acting skills countless of times and I really admire her not only as a versatile actress but also as a person, as a mother and as a wife.

When Judy Ann started studying as a professional chef, I knew she’ll go far in this field. She’s shown so much passion and talent in this new craft and it has made her a better person too.

Last week, Judy Ann, together with her sponsors and friends, launched her first ever cook book titled, Judy Ann’s Kitchen.

Judy Ann's Kitchen

The pages are really nice and I thought it’s super expensive like a thousand more expensive than what it is priced at.

The recipes she shared are all from her and her family’s favorite list. There are different chapters in the cookbook and these are: comfort food, friends. kiddie parties, wifey duties and health & discoveries.

There are snippets of Judy Ann’s personal life with her family and friends as you go along the book. I’d say it’s not an ordinary cook book where you find recipes. Hers is a unique and creative book where she shared her most loved recipes that you can easily follow.

What I love most about her cookbook:

– print is so pretty

– photos are creative and tasteful

– recipes are easy to understand and follow

– ingredients are found locally

– there’s a portion that gives you substitutes for ingredients that you don’t have

– useful and practical kitchen tips

– useful cooking tips

and so much more! I feel like Judy Ann shared a portion of herself in this cookbook.

Things you probably don’t know about this cookbook:

– Judy Ann personally cooked all the recipe photos in this book

– photoshoot and food styling was made in her own kitchen and home

– Judy Ann is “masungit” when she cooks (she admitted it herself) because she doesn’t talk much when she does

– this was 2 years in the making

– she always finds time to cook for her family

– now that she’s pregnant, she likes to buy her own food than cook it but she loves cooking for her family and friends

If you want to buy your own copy, head over to National Bookstore and ask if it’s still available because I heard some branches are now restocking. Judy Ann’s Kitchen is P595