A long time ago, you would have thought that milk for the bones are for the elderly. With recent studies, researches found out that individuals on their late 20s experience low bone density and at times resulting to lower back pains. I don’t need any studies at all since I’m already experiencing back pains and joint pains.

Joint pains occur when we don’t have enough lubricant between our joints. The essential amino acid, Glucosamine, is responsible for producing joint lubricants and it is normally produced by our body. The problem with ageing is that our body produces less Glucosamine. This is the reason why we need to drink supplements for our bones.

The best there is so far is Anlene Total. My grandmother is drinking it and so am I. Anlene Total comes in a new formulation with twice the Calcium than the  regular milk. Anlene Total’s unique combination including Nano-calcium & Glucosamine helps maintain strong bones AND helps fortify cartilage in joints, protecting them against damage caused by everyday physical activities.

Anlene Total Plain

Anlene Total tastes good too. Makes you wonder how can something that tastes so well, give so much benefits.

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Disclaimer: Pinay Mommy ADreamer did not receive any monetary payment from Anlene Total or its makers. A sample of the product has been sent for the review.