Last Sunday, we (me and 2 helpers) moved from our old unit to this new one (which is just a floor away). What I anticipated as a lazy weekend turned to a chaotic one. Anyway, I didn’t know I had so much trash inside the house that if not for the move I wouldn’t have the guts to throw them all away. Maybe it’s true that I’m a pack rat as my husband and Tatay would say (but hey, not worse like the ones you watch on whats-that-tv-show-again). So, we moved up and down the stairs carrying as much stuff as we can, sort it out, throw them away and arrange the rest on the new place. 2 days later, I have back pains, pimple (yes singular!!!!) on my face and a happy preschooler (she has a playroom! yay!). And it altered my thought on housecleaning, from being therapeutic to stress inducing chore. There’s always something to clean or wipe!

So what did I learn from this?

1. Keep up with your trash. Give up on the clothes you have not worn for 3 months (okay, mine was like 3 years!).  Give away stuff you don’t use! If you’re not using it in a month chances are you won’t use it again. If ever the need arises, it prolly be too old and you end up buying a new one.

2. Invest on good storage. If you really need to store items you value, keep them in a dry and safe place because years later you don’t want to end up throwing them away because of their condition.

3. Labels! Labels! Labels! Put labels on the boxes or storage bins so you know which ones to rummage once the need arises. I also like using the transparent storage boxes. It has this glow in the dark label sticker and of course lets you peek on the contents without actually opening it.

4. Buy what you need and stay away from Saizen or 88 stores if necessary! Give what you don’t need but you have anyway.

5. Organize your things and keep them in one place. I just realized I lost 1 fake ipod, a pair of good shoes, bags and God-knows-what.

6. Sell your stuff online. (I would love to do it this time but I really don’t have the time anymore)

There’s just so much do to even after all those times I spent arranging and cleaning. I would pay someone to do things for me in a heartbeat if I could and just peel me away from all these things and do others that I need to do.

Any volunteers to style, clean and prep the house for free? Any takers? None?