Like any other 6 (almost 7 year old) year old, my daughter loves to go to playgrounds-mall based or otherwise. And I think we’ve been to all except the ones from SM Mall of Asia as it is too far from where we live (and yaikes! traffic!).

Last month, she finally tried Kidzoonia in Robinsons Galleria and she had a blast. Here’s what we thought of Kidzoonia Robinsons Galleria:

1. Kids will love the huge inflatable slide

2. Kids will love the pretend playset available in the area such as bakery, firehouse, post office, clinic, supermarket, etc 

3. Dollhouse area

4. Free water for the kids and guardian

5. Small children 1 year and below are FREE!

6. 1 companion is FREE of charge

7. Even if the area is big, there are plenty of Kidzoonia staff in the play area

8. You are given the exact time when you can pick up your child.

9. FREE secured locker rooms for your child’s stuff (shoes, bag, etc)

10. Worth your money! Kids of all ages will surely enjoy.  



1. Go during weekdays if you can. There’s not much kids playing so your child can maximize her time.

2. Make sure your guardian and child is wearing socks or else you have to pay extra.

3. Bring change of clothes for the kid


What I don’t like about Kidzoonia: 

1. They don’t have unlimited play YET.

2. The area isn’t fenced properly, people outside the play area can easily see or grab a child near the fence/wall if no one’s looking. I can actually call my child and talk to her in an area not easily seen by the staff. We went there on a weekday so not much people around but you can only imagine if it’s jam packed and the staff are busy.

Over all, this is what Peaches have to say to Kidzoonia:

[tweetthis]”Kidzoonia is super super fun! The slide is so cool! Everything is fun!” ~ Peaches[/tweetthis]


Kidzoonia Robinsons Galleria

4th Floor


CHILD: Php 200 for 1 hour or Php 400 for 3 hours

Php 100 will be charged for every 30 minute extension

PARENT/GUARDIAN: FREE one guardian per one child. Php 100 per extra guardian.

*** Children below 1 year old are free of charge
*** Kidzoona is open to children 12 years old and below.