To completely support your children on their soccer training parents should learn the basic rules of soccer. There are plenty of parents who were never exposed to soccer during their childhood and thus lack support on the needs of their child who’s into soccer.

Reading about the rules of soccer could eat a lot of time so here’s a jist of what you need to know about it:

1. The basic equipment for soccer that’s approved by FIFA Law of Games are:

  • Jersey or Shirt
  • shorts
  • stockings
  • shinguards
  • appropriate footware – they are not required to wear footwear with cleats but it’s best. Players can wear tennis shoes but this also depends on the guidelines imposed by local leagues or clubs.
According to FIFA, shinguards should be "covered entirely by the stockings, made
of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substance), and provide a
reasonable degree of protection. This leaves a lot of wiggle room!
2. Kick- offs- it’s how the game starts or how it’s restarted. This applies during:
  • start of the game
  • when a goal has been made
  • at the start of second half or every quarter
  • if there’s extra time, this is used to start each period
The ball is placed in the center of the field and all players must be on their part of the half field. The team who’s kicking the ball should be 10 yards away from it. To start the signal, the referee blows a whistle and once the ball has been kicked and is moving, the game starts.
3. Throw- ins – this is done when the ball crosses the sidelines and leaves the field. The basic rule for this is both feet of the player must be on the ground when throwing the ball into his/her team mate inside the field. Both hands should also be overhead.
Please be guided that this are super basic guidelines, you need to read more about the rules to fully understand soccer. Some also suggest watching the games on television actually helps in better understanding on how the game goes.
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