How many of you Mommas out there who’ve had it during pregnancy? If the articles I read online are correct, almost all of us had it. I can definitely feel that I am on my 2nd trimester because the leg cramps at night and early morning has began. My poor husband not spared from it too since I often wake him up with my yelp from pain. And as we all know, the leg cramps get worst as the pregnancy progresses.

So how do we prevent leg cramps during pregnancy? 

Stay hydrated all day long. Your leg muscles need water to relax it and did you know that if the leg cramps happen almost every night or every day, it meant two things- you are lacking nutrients and you are dehydrated.  I’m guilty on the dehydrated part because I feel that my lips are drying up and cracked and though how much water I take, I pee them almost at the same rate. But if there’s one thing I learned, KEEP DRINKING. Also on the lacking nutrient part…. if you’re like me on the first trime where you can’t seem to put enough food in your mouth without gagging or throwing up, you really are in need of nutrients. Imagine me, a voracious eater has gone sour on food? 

Regular leg exercise during the day. If you’re not allowed to move around too much, you can do a simple toe exercise by wiggling them and rotating your ankles when you sit. Also, don’t sit with your legs crossed. (I don’t know about you but I can’t cross my legs at this stage! I’m a fatso preggo, I guess) 

A warm bath before bed time can also relax your muscles. I like using my SLEEP shower gel from Bath and Body because it’s Lavender based and the smell helps me relax even more. (which reminds me.. time to order some more!)

Stretching your muscles several times during the day and before sleeping can also help prevent leg cramps.

What to do when you have leg cramps? 

Scream? Seriously though. 

Try to stretch your affected leg and point your toes upward. Gently push your toes going to your shin it will hurt but the pain will gradually go away. Some articles say a warm compress will help but honestly,  when you’re having a cramp in the middle of the night, there will be no time to warm up water for you to use.  So I just wait for it to be over while trying not to squirm too much.

You, what do you do?