It’s lent and it’s summer! Eating light is definitely what most of you want this season. Figaro is offering a whole bunch of delicious foodies and beverages that perfectly fit lent and summer.

Kani sandwich is interesting. It’s very healthy and looks simple yet it’s surprisingly fulfilling. It’s an instant favorite and I will be coming back for more! 

Kani Sandwich P179

Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta was not as spicy as it sounds and I like it that way. It complements the newest summer beverage offering of Figaro, the Berried Watermelon.

Tropical Sorbet is a mixture of passion fruit and peach flavors. The citrus bursts in your palate and will surely make you super cool and refreshed. While Tropical Sorbet is an instant hit with my foodie companions, Berried Watermelon is my favorite. I think I can finish two servings! For only P125, I will willingly forego whip cream and  milk for a Figaro Summer Frost!

Don’t let the season hinder you from eating dessert. Figaro offers a very light dessert, Peanut butter cookie.

It does not taste like the usual peanut butter cookie that we’ve had. It tastes like the peanut candy that you can usually buy on Chinese food stores. The little square one that easily crumbles when you bite it. It’s so delicious that you just have to eat the left over crumbs. Well, Figaro’s peanut butter cookie makes you want to eat even the smallest crumb too. You don’t believe me? Try it. For P49.00 it’s definitely worth it.

There are other sets of desserts offered at Figaro:

 Figaro is not your ordinary coffee shop. They offer comfort food, coffee and non coffee beverages that will satisfy your cravings. They also offer free wi-fi connections for Internet geeks like myself. Courtesy and friendly staff is but a bonus 🙂

Go and try the newest offering of Figaro for the Lenten Season! Then tell me what you think of the food.