Today was spent with people I grew up with- Aunt who’s seen me all through the years, cousins who I love. My elder cousin recently finished a course of some sort on his local parish (Catholic) and he’s now part of a missionary group that goes around homes to preach the Bible. I feel happy for him because I do see a huge change that really turned his & his wife’s lives. This cousin used to be very pessimistic, low trust and low confidence that by merely being near him, makes me sad. He had this negative aura that surrounds him THICK as the great wall of China. But today was different, he gave me a bear hug and a peck with a huge smile.


He’s been very forgiving of bad drivers when we were on the road earlier which was a surprise for us too. He kept on inserting “preaches” while in a conversation. He did tell us that when he learned and read the Bible, he had known things that he didn’t, realized things that moved him to do changes. For that, I am truly happy for him.

My realizations too were that, why am I not bold as my cousin in professing my faith? Why do I choose to stay quiet when religion and faith is the topic. Surely, not because I have a weak faith. No. It’s because I don’t believe that one should debate on faith and religion nor engage in a conversation with someone or anyone who has set in his mind that his belief is the RIGHT and TRUE faith.

My Mom was right in saying that there is no one true religion. It is how strong your faith is and how far you are willing to go with it.

The most important thing is your faith brings you closer to The One, The Universe and The Lord Almighty and you become a blessing to others and a bridge that connects others to Him.