Today I’d like to share my favorite short prayers. I hope somehow this would help

you find time for God.


Lord, I thank You for the day that just passed.

For all the blessings You showered on me.

I lift up to You all the trials and pressures which I was forced to bear.

I look back at the day that has gone and know that You Lord

is with me for moments like this.

Each passing day can only bring me strength and encouragement

To do better and face a new tomorrow,

That speaks to me of new beginnings

That will bring me better changes.

Thank You

For a day different from yesterday,



Lord, I asked for health to do great things

You gave me infirmity, to do better things.

I asked fir riches to make me happy

You gave me poverty to make me wise.

I asked for power and the praise of men

You gave me weakness to sense my need of You.

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life

You gave me life that I might enjoy all things.

I got nothing I asked for

Everything I hoped for

In spite of myself my prayers were answered

I am among all men most richly blest.

Yes, God You always knows what’s best.


Your attitude on worship matters more than your position on worship.

This is in remembrance of my friends from YFC-FEU.