Letter from Fr. Bob McConaghy on Chain Letters

I received this email a while ago and I would like to share it with you. I couldn’t agree more with Fr. Bob, please read on…

Hi, I’m Fr. Bob McConaghy of Greenbelt chapel (Philippines).  I just want to make the point that the Catholic Church is opposed to spiritual chain letters, especially those that are rooted in the ‘gospel of prosperity’ or God wants to make you rich and will do so if you forward such emails to 7, 12, 15 or as many names you have in your address book.  It’s idolatrous baloney.  It claims legitimate devotion to Jesus, Mary, and or saints and frightens people to believe that if they don’t send the letters something bad will happen to them.  I beg you please not to spread these messages anymore.  I’ve heard enough confessions in my 32 years to know how these letters fool and frighten people and give them a false image of Our Lady, not to mention that it encourages idolatry and a magical approach to religion.  I am sure you were not aware of this and mean no ill will.  There is no sin here on your part, you want good things for people and that is noble.   
In all humility I would ask you to forward this note to others.

In Christ,

Fr. Bob McConaghy

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  1. joyfelizardo says:

    Any form of idolatry is detestable unto the Lord, I don't also believe in chin letters, most people are being fooled by this though. But for me, it is not a sin to be rich or to even find ways to get rich as long as you do not cheat others while doing so and you are doing it in a righteous manner, as the Lord said, "He bless the works of our hands"
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  2. Vevo says:

    Hi ma'am. Would you happen to keep Father Bob's email ad po? I've been looking for a way to communicate with him for a personal reason. Hope to get a response. Thank you!

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