METRO MANILA, November 2011 – The kitchen serves at the center of your home, a focal point where families start their day and where family and friends gather. An important kitchen essential is the refrigerator, without it, our culinary options to enjoy and store food would be limited. That’s why it is very important that the consumer will be wiser in choosing the perfect refrigerator for you and your family.

Based on the consumer survey, the important factor that consumer is looking for is the “Energy and Health Benefits” that a refrigerator can provide. LG has gone the extra mile in creating a unique core technology by putting the customer at the heart of the equation. With that, LG formulated the “Inverter Linear Compressor” which is proven to be energy compliant for bigger savings.

Inverter Linear Compressor is a unique direct transmission system which uses one friction point that minimizes mechanical loss, reduces noise and saves up to 41% of energy consumption. LG also offers a 10-yr warranty on its compressor because they are confident of its durability and stability. Technically speaking, “Linear” is the most efficient solution for achieving the benefits & minimizing annoying troubles caused by a compressor.







Inverter Linear Compressor                                          Conventional Compressor

1 friction point: Cylinder block & piston only       4 friction point: Cylinder block, crank shaft, connecting rod & piston


Aside from its energy efficiency, Inverter Linear compressor adjusts its cooling capacity which maintains a stable cooling temperature at an optimum level to keep your food’s freshness longer. It also comes in a real stainless finish adding a modern, simple and sophisticated look to the kitchen.


“LG is the first company in the world which has made a mass production of the Linear Compressor. With the success of launching the LG’s Inverter Linear Side by Side Refrigerators, I am proud to say that we are now the market leader for the Refrigerator Side by Side category based on GfK on August 2011” said Karen Capellan, Head of Corporate Marketing.