Do you lie about your parenting skills? When people ask you how you discipline your child and how you do things around the house, do you tell the truth and nothing but the truth? 

Well I don’t. At least to some “select” people I don’t usually spill the beans and wallow. 
I figured nobody is going to admit that they let their kids watch Disney Channel for hours while they surfed on the internet (or do some blog posts) or so they could have some alone time. In their version, the TV was never even on, and instead she and her precious little one sat together learning ABC’s and numbers.

At the same rate, nobody will ever admit to a dirty, cluttered house.  They are always so clean and well managed. No one’s going to admit they become a super saiyan when things are too much to handle because they are always so composed and smiling. Also, everyone’s kid is a good reader. Because saying your kid would rather sit in front of the TV than read means you are a bad, bad mother (who doesn’t take education seriously). 
And yes of course their marriage is always pleasant ,their love making is always great, and their finances are overflowing.  Nobody talks about their fights on who’s folding the laundry, their rants about unsatisfying love making, or their financial woes.
Well, do you? 
I will honestly be surprised if you’re very honest and upfront about your parenting skills. I lie about it simply because some people judge us (parents) by things that we say and things that they see. We are judged when someone sees our child threw tantrum in a store (not knowing that your child had a rough day and tantrum is unavoidable) and we are forever branded as the parent who does not discipline her child. We are often judged  by others with a mere 10 minutes of looking at us. Hey, there’s even a BadMothersAnonymous.com to help Moms release whatever they’re hiding without blowing their covers. 
Truly, I rest my case.