I am speaking of life as I see it now.
I know it’s vast and there are a lot of things in store for me.
I just can’t see it.
Maybe for now.
I hope so.
I hope it’s all for now.

If this was said by a friend, I would automatically say
But you know how people are good on giving advices to
their friends but are bad on applying it on their own lives?
That’s how it is for me.

Life is too toxic.
Too darn toxic I could die of boredom.
I wish I could explain more but you might die with me.

Goodthing I talked to my mom today.
It was a bit refreshing.
It was almost a month since we last talked.
Well, errr YMed.
She missed Peaches so much.

T, Peaches and I visited his cousins and Lolex at
Wack wack today.
It’s his way of clearing his mind.
He’s been tired lately.
This place and thess people are his “unwinder”.

That means both of us are refreshed somehow.

On a lighter note,
My bes’ wife-to-be is about to give birth to a baby boy
anytime soon. It’s gonna be Kian (something).
This is my bes’ second child.
His first was from a girl he married but the marriage was
a fraud (as it turned out).
So legally, he’s free to marry the second girl.
I like the second girl better than the first one.
Her name’s Keiz.
She accepts me ( I think) as Ryan’s bestfriend.
I can see that she respects my relationship with my bestfriend.
And I’m excited to see my nephew!

So long for now!

More love for us!!!