Designing my very own house is one of my biggest dreams-ever so when we recently acquired a small condo unit, I knew I can put that dream into a reality. We use this condo unit to entertain guests because our own home is just too small for our friends. This is also where we let our friends stay when they’re visiting from abroad. My initial thought is to make it as comfortable and homey as possible. We gotย furnitureย with cool colors to contrast the mahogany wood cabinet and the dark color of the piano (yes, there’s a piano!). When I thought it’s all come together, I step back and realize that there’s something lacking in the room.

I realize I need to get the lights right. The room needs lighting to set the ambiance, don’t you think? I thought of putting novelty lighting with ceiling medallions but husband thinks it’s too much so I’m settling with installing ceiling medallions on our current lighting and add table lamps to the cabinet and perhaps on some of the paintings in the room.

Decorating a small condo unit is easy especially if you do it one step at a time. There’s a lot of thinking and planning but in the end, you step back and gotta love the result of all that hardwork. For me though, I still want the whole shebang of decorating an entire house complete with landscape lighting. I like this article that gives you the step by step guide on a do-it-yourself landscape lighting.

It will be so fun to decorate an entire house and the garden! ย Maybe in the near future, eh?