Remember last Friday, the traffic was khureeeyzeeeh?
T and I were at Cityland visiting his folks and our baby was held “hostage”
We went home and were waiting for a cab.

(That’s my much willing model there)

(So much willing he had to pose like this and begged me
to take another shot! He wanted to look like someone waiting for 5 hours and thus
the smug face…or not?)

Anyhoo, we were not in so much hurry to go home
and understood that clearly
traffic was bad that nigt so we waited
patiently and chatted and laughed
Suddenly, this couple was behind us and they were
on a fight. I can barely hear them, I had to strain to hear
what the girl was saying (uhhh eavesdropper!)
But T could hear them perfectly (much to his delight!)

Girl: You and your buck ap plen!

Guy: What? I didn’t think it was this bad.

Girl: I expect you to…..(couldn’t hear)….
I expect you to bring a car everytime we go out!

Guy: …….I am always gassing you up!

Girl:….You never try your best.

Guy: I am trying!

Girl: I expect you to….(and alot of those I
didn’t want to hear because it was pure

Girl: You know what your problem is? It’s your f***ing brother
and his f***ing car! He always borrows your car and
you never bring your car!

[T whispered to me: Shalan shalan!and we laughed]

Guy: We used our car last Saturday!

Girl: You could tell your f***ing brother do not use
your f***ing car!

[the guy leaves but comes back]

Girl: ……You want to leave? go ahead!

Guy: No. I just..

[girl walks out…guy followed]

That was one hell of a scene huh? Enough to keep us entertained at least.
The whole line were listening hehehhe…

We ended up riding a bus home. It was fun! T and I were waiting for
a mani or cashew vendor to come up the bus but
maybe they did come way before we were on the bus.
It was a perfect bus date with T!
We had fun and didn’t mind the traffic.

***************Oh. just so you know…I didn’t want to post this. But T insisted! It could be because of the pic huh? He kept bugging me about it.***************