I’m talking about the triumphant feeling after you’ve put your child to sleep and still has the time to stretch and watch TV for a night (or whatever’s left of it). Because currently, Peaches’ has been very active and our home life has been a blur that she ends up sleeping super later for her age which is around 11PM (yes, gimme the bad momma award now na!). I’m sure if my Mom reads this she’ll have a long lecture on discipline and how I was when I was Peaches’ age (I sleep at exactly 8PM when I was in elementary till I graduated in high school).  If only I could coerce every one in our family (read: Troy and the inlaws) to cooperate, I could make the tot sleep at 9PM.



Discipline is for everyone not just for Peaches, yes?

How much sleep does a preschooler needs? Around 12 hrs of sleep. Peaches sleeps for 9hrs plus 2 more hours during nap time. She looses 1 to 2 hrs  of good sleep a day which if you sum it up it’s a lot for a week. Sigh.

Gotta make Peaches sleep more!!!!



About the Painting:

A Mother’ Love Painting by Sofan Chan