>Our dear friend Mike’s wife is pregnant of their 1st child. He was calling me earlier because his wife was in really bad shape. She’s on her first trimester and she’s vomiting almost all day. I said it would be best to consult their OB as she might be experiencing hyperemesis.
Turns out the wife was okay but she needed bed rest for a while.

Speaking of pregnancy, Isn’t it that the best time to be beautiful is when you’re pregnant?All that surging hormones, makes you feel ugly and bloated. But we should of course be picky when we’re pregnant because there are products that can do more harm than good to us and the baby. Lucky for us though because there are safe products for pregnant moms and our baby. Like this, Beaute de Maman beauty products. It’s very popular among the hollywood moms and mom-to-be. I’m curios about it because even the wives of the biggest names in hollywood swear by this product. If I was pregnant, I would order now. Hehehe.

Well, maybe my cousin, Ate A, will be needing this soon. I know she doesn’t want to be pregnant but I feel that she will..Let’s wait and see 🙂