>Any working mom would agree when I say that having a nanny is a big help, if not a must in order to survive the day. But recently it made me realize, I became so dependent on my nanny that I can barely survive the day without her. I’m talking about my life on weekends and my life after work. And this made me think if what I did was the best for me and my daughter.
It became scary when I found myself losing patience which never happened when I was the one taking care of my daughter. Now, my biggest fear is when my daughter would choose her nanny over me. When she forgets to call Mommy.

Will I let it happen? Of course not. I’ll do everything to avoid that. Even if it meant no time off from work and Mommy duties and no time for myself, I’ll do it.

My friend Deron is right, he said “Once you get used to things like that it becomes a necessity”.
Maybe I just need to re-adjust and learn to prioritize.