When I was in Europe, my friend and I decided to explore Lourdes some more. I didn’t know that such adventure will teach me life lessons. Armed with the town’s map and a trusty camera, we were on our way.

This adventure was triggered by the fact that the town where our hotel was located and where the Sanctuary is, was deserted! At 10 AM we see nothing but few tourists walking from their hotel to the Sanctuary. It felt weird like a ghost town because shops were closed except for 1 restaurant and few other souvenir shops. Well, it was Winter and we thought people went to a warmer place instead.

After toying with the map that absolutely didn’t make sense to us, we saw a curious elevator located at a vacant lot at the back of our hotel. We decided to give it a try and viola! we were hoisted to another town, the town proper itself! And then the map made sense A LITTLE BIT.




















In short we were lost but while lost, we discovered new places, interesting facts, curious people and a lot more! It was scary but so worth it. The experience taught me how to trust my instincts, ask help and if the first help isn’t  helpful (because we did ask townsmen about the map but they were as clueless as we were and the language barrier didn’t help at all)…. ask another.

Life’s full of detours and sometimes (if not, most of the time) we make ourselves walk through that detour and allow it to happen. It’s up to us to make it straight and right again. It’s up to us to make the right decision and be happy about it. It’s up to us to see things as it is and be glad that it happened and use it to make us a better person. And most of all, it made me realize that I am a stronger person and that though I’m tough, I also need help. I need others to get me through times and I need to be tougher for myself. 🙂

detoured in life








So I’ve been to the path were I was detoured but it went better.







I’ve been to a path were I just sat and relaxed and let things fall into place and it did.

Wishing Chances on the Universe











I’ve been into a path were I gambled on chances and the Universe and had good and bad luck.

Life’s fun and I know I’ll have more! 🙂