I’ve been playing MU (an online game) since 2003,
It’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)
where in players like me can interact with a large number of
other players in a virtual world. As any other role-playing games,
we assume a “character” we chose among: Blade Knight (male),
Dark wizard (male), Muse Elf (female), Magic Gladiator (male), Dark Lord (male)
and take control of that character’s action. We infact “dress” our characters
accordingly to their armors, weapons, shields and pets.

The higher kind of item you wear, the stronger and “good-looking” you are.
I’ve had friends (both guys and ladies) who fell in love to a certain character
of which the person behind it, he/she never met.
Then they would talk for hours, for days, for weeks battling over monsters
together. Hunting for a rare item day in day out.
Gave each other “gifts” (in game related of course) and do stuff
like any other “normal” lovers do except they do it in game.
Then comes this part….
they break-up.
They always do.

Perhaps one found another “character” stronger than the other.
Perhaps they grew tired of “just talking” everytime they “date”.
And some, met with their “mate” in real life (IRL) and was disappointed.
Disappointed to see that their knight in shining armor (literally) is not as galant
as his character. And that he may not be as “rich” as his character.
And so the relationship soured. Reality sank in. And that’s it.
Really, whatever it is, they always break-up badly.
To a point where scandals and “issues” about them
are being feasted by the gaming community.

There’s this one guy who’s known for getting all the ladies to his feet.
And as always, the girl would cry out foul after sometime.
They claim the guy “used” them. (think every meaning of that word)
And one claimed the guy owed him some money.

I think, this guy has been “known” for his macho act.
Why would they fall for this?
I feel bad for them but I couldn’t stop thinking they could
have brought it upon themselves. They knew he was up to no good
but they chose to “fall inlove” with the guy (still).
The latest girl said it’s because she thought he’ll change.
Oh, PUhhhleassseee.
Tsk. I just hope everybody learns their lessons.

Most players tend to confuse the game to reality.
A players’ character DOES NOT reflect the REAL person behind it.
Perfect example is me.. In game, I am a Blade Knight.
Yessssssss. I am a knight with shining armor. LOL.
Not because I’m gay or what. It’s because I wanted the attributes
of a Blade Knight. I wanted to fight in the front line and not just
buff or heal at the sides (that’s what most Elves do).
So, I’m saying a player can choose to put his/ her self into the character he/ she created
but then again, most players chose to make a character ENTIRELY different
to his own self.
It’s a facade.
A literal armor to hide whatever flaws a person has.

Lastly, I think this also goes to the chatters out there.
Most of you assume a role when asked by someone: “CTC?”
Am I right or am I right? LOL.