>I’ve been to Lulu Belle’s several times prior to this review. I never got around taking photo for the review since most of the time their branch at Serendra is packed (considering they also have a small space). It was also the same night that I realized that Lulu Belle serves Smoothies — I know right, the signage is staring right at me! 

So let’s start the verdict! 

What really caught my attention was the clean and simple look of the store. None of those shocking neon colors and shocking splashes of colors to catch someone’s attention. And don’t you just love little Ms. Lulubelle? She’s the cutie patootie white and pink cow gleefully prancing at the store’s emblem. 

Ms.Lulubelle’s presence of course gave me an impression that their frozen desserts are made healthier because of added cow’s milk. True enough

To start, you choose between Ice Cream(which is by FIC) and Yogurt as your base. And then choose which toppings you want to go with it. I like how wide their topping selections are (just make sure the fruit toppings you choose are still fresh). 

You can also choose Ice cream or yogurt as your base for your smoothie (or maybe combine both!) I have yet to try this but there’s an endless combination I can think of I don’t know which to try first. 

This is their biggest tub and it costs P190 with 2 toppings. Admittedly, it costs much than White Hat but I think it’s still worth it. 

In terms of taste, Lulu belle’s froyo is sweet-because of the cow’s milk and it’s creamier which I love. It’s a break from the too sour froyo’s out there. 

Give it a try. I love their branch at Serendra.