I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I gave birth to our beautiful baby Luzy mousie. Seems like yesterday! The pain, the sad feeling, the fear and most of all the helplessness are┬ástill raw but one look at our little baby and it’s all worth it. Moving on…

Luzy turned 7 months last January 9 so this post is a bit late but I’d like to celebrate her little milestones through this post simply because I felt it’s the right time to write about it.

Since her 3rd month, our Luzy mousie has shown her personality that’s totally an opposite of her sister’s. Luzy is firm (she has to get what she wants because it seems like she knows what she wants!), she’s noisy and loud, she’s very playful and most of all she loves attention- even from unfamiliar people.

When she turned 6 months, we encouraged her mobility through a walker with multiple toys to look at and play with. She’s shown readiness to stand with support and interest to walk with support.

Today, she can scoot, crawl, sit, and stand with support. She enjoys doing so.

Oh, she loves to terrorize her cat brothers too!

And from time to time, annoy her sister.

Her personality has changed from masungit to super friendly ever since she learned how to “Hi” and “Bye”. Now, she waves at every single opportunity and every single moving object or person.

I also started her with mashed food mostly, mashed carrots plus rice, mashed potato with rice, mashed squash, biscuits and breads. She’s also allergic to soy. I found out because I tried giving her cerelac (rice with soy flavor) and she had hive-looking breakouts and it was pretty clear that it was itchy.

The fun part, she calls me Mama and her Dad, Abooo (short for kalbo?). When she sees her Dad, she becomes super giddy and when Dad walks away, she shrieks and cry. Yep, Daddy’s girl again!

But (of course there’s a BUT!!!)

She calls Mama when she feels pain, sleepy or lonely. Mostly when Troy & I are out for a datenight or something. She cries for Mama. I’m not sure how she knows I’m dating her Dad but clearly, she does.

This little bugger is fearless, determined and very curious. She likes to be taken for a stroll at the lobby or outside our building for a walk. At only 7 months, she has won so many hearts already.

Yes friends, we have another heart breaker in the making!