That’s what I said to my husband yesterday while we were both busy attending to our own businesses and the boys (our cats) were too hyped to care. It was indeed a hyper manic, rainy, yaya-less Monday.

Let me tell you why I think we’re magnets of odd pets.

Our first adopted furry son is Ted. We got him from PAWS and soon realized Ted must have been abused and terribly scarred when he was still a kitten. This is because Ted is always jumpy and scurries away when people tries to reach out to pet him.


Ted has this odd look ALL THE TIME. It’s like’s he’s spaced out or something.


Our second furry son is Peanut. My daughter and husband rescued him from the street across from where we live. He was a kitten when they got him. He was so darn ugly and dirty, I screamed for pest control when they brought him up. I never liked Peanut AT FIRST because he was flea infested, broke some of my figurines because he was always climbing on to top shelves and he makes his presence known to everyone. Most of our friends fell in love with Peanut and swore he’s so odd he could be an alien— or a maligno. This cat sits like he’s human, uses his paws to TRY and open door knobs, sits with us during meal times like he’s part of us, sleeps on the bed not curled up like any regular cat but straight like any human would and to top it all Peanut responds to us like he’s one trained dog.

ted-peanut-d-cat ted-peanut-dcat-2

Peanut’s the white rascal.

Our third pet is Fishy. He’s odd because we think he’s super insecure. He swims at the bottom when you go near the aquarium, he splashes water when he feels like doing it, he splashes more water when you try to feed him. His upper lip got wounded when he tried to squeeze himself into a tiny pot (an aquarium decor Troy added) and now he looks like some weird alien piranha.




That’s fishy when he’s still young & Peanut’s been terrorizing him ever since. Maybe that’s why he’s so insecure??

I swear we have the oddest set of pets.